For workers across the globe, working at heights is still considered to be one of the biggest source of fatality and critical injury. This dilemma is not just a concern to the workers exposed at such elevated heights but it is equally important to employers who need to ensure the appropriate safety standards for their organizations’ workers and staff alike.  

 In literal terms, ‘work at height’ can be defined as a job that has to be carried out in an elevated area, where if no precautions are installed, workers employed in such situations could potentially fall to certain distance that results in a major injury, including death. A common example is worker experiencing a fatal injury due to being exposed to a fragile roof or a unstable ladder. This section demonstrates the necessary precautions that can be taken by employers in order to drastically reduce the risk exposed to their work force through working at heights WA. 

First things first! Any workplace needs to be assessed of all the potential and obvious risks that can be exposed towards its designated workforce and staff. The essential factors that need to be assessed include the elevation at which such tasks need to be performed, the duration at which such workforce are exposed to such elevated heights and the frequency at which such situations are required to be carried out throughout the day. Employers are required to ensure that their workforce avoid all unnecessary work at heights in situations where it is considered reasonably practicable. However, in situations where such work at heights cannot be avoided then it is essential that employers ensure that the existing facility is safe or the necessary safety equipment and gear is provided at all cost. Such safety equipment and gear needs to be regularly inspected and ensured that it operates as intended.  

It is vital that an employer ensures that every worker exposed to such risks can safely come back and forth from such elevated heights. The distance and risk of injury from an elevated place should be minimized with the help of the right type of safety equipment. This not only assists employers in minimizing the risk exposed to their workforce but also ensures that an organization is compliant with the growing safety standards incorporated in industries from all around the globe. Another effective precaution from such a dilemma is to ensure that no unqualified worker is ever exposed to such a situation that not only endangers their own life but also the lives of other workers around a workplace.  Furthermore, an employer must ensure that they set out an emergency evacuation plan and relevant rescue procedures in case of fatalities.  

We at North West Training and Inspection Services are dedicated to improving the safety standards across various industries that have to deal with casualties due to working at heights. With our professional expertise and effective solutions, ensure that your organization keeps reaching new heights without having to take a step back.  working-at-heights